Leaders’ Circle

Since the year 2000 when United Way of Eastern Maine started the Leaders’ Circle of  giving to the Annual Campaign, these generous and loyal donors have sustained our efforts to create lasting change in the five counties we serve. It should be noted that these Leaders’ Circle donors give in so many ways over and above their financial support—they serve on boards at our fine health care facilities, arts organizations, institutions of higher-learning, and social service agencies. They volunteer their time at our public schools, shelters, and soup kitchens.

The spirit embodied by our Leaders’ Circle donors inspires all of us to do just a little more. So to this very special group of United Way supporters we say thank you. We are grateful and honored to have your support.

Pictured above: Don & Laura Mitchell, Carol Colson and Janet Scully

Benefits of the Leadership Circle

  • Demonstrates your leadership and commitment to your community.
  • Gives you the opportunity to make a significant and lasting impact.
  • Inspires others to follow.
  • Recognition in Leaders’ Circle brochure and annual report.
  • Join your gift with a partner to reach Leaders’ Circle level.

2016 Members

Alexis de Tocqeville $10,000+

The Darling Family
The Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation
Denise and Alan Richardson

Benefactors $5,000 – $9,999

Bill and Sally Arata
Bill and Dede Bullock
The Epstein Family
Tim and Kathy Folster
Leonard and Renee Minsky
Deb and Jeff Sanford
Jim Sargent
2 Anonymous Donors

Patrons $2,500 – $4,999

Sno and David Barry
Christienne Boisvert and Orin Buetens
Jane and Frank Bragg
Debra K. Bumbaugh
Dr. Melissa Burch
Kris Chahley
Yan-Meng Chan
The Chase Family Fund
Dan and Nancy Coffey
Peter and Liz Dawes
Kay and Clif Eames
Glenn and Robin Goodwin
Harold and Joyce Gordon
Tracy Harding and Aimee Smith
Brent Hartley
Karen and John Holyoke
John Kuropchak
Rodney K. Leach
Vincent and Christine Mainella
Paul and Rachel Means
Norman Minsky
Don and Laura Mitchell
Bob and Jen Montgomery-Rice
Timothy and Jesse Moriarity
Jeff and Christine Nathan
Bruce and Sharon Nickerson
Kendra Overlock
Herb Sargent
Lisa Schaefer
Joe and Janet Scully
Lois Smith
Ralph and Lori Soohey
Denis and Sue St. Peter
Paul and Suzanne Svendsen
Carol Trask and Forrest Procter
Ben and Peggy Smith
Gary Treworgy
4 Anonymous Donors

Pacesetter $1,500 – $2,499

Cliff and Noell Alley
Rob Belliveau
The Brangwynne Family
Paul Burtchell
Emily and Robert Cambria
Michael and Carlie Cloyd
Carol and Stephen Colson
Amy and Tim Cotton
David Davoren
Laurie Duncanson
Jim and Marie Duplessis
Jon and Lisa Eames
George and Carolyn Eaton
Doug and Nichi Farnham
Dr. Richard Freeman & Dr. Nancee Bender
Carl Gaudett
Joseph and April Giard
Andy and Patty Hamilton
Alan and Sheila Hess
Russell and Michelle Hood
Susan Hunter and David Lambert
Suellen and Richard Jagels
Barbara Lawler
Chuck and Belinda Lawrence
Gina Leblanc-Eggert
William and Lorilyn Lucy
Rick and Debbie Manning
Glenn and Kristin Martin
Judson and Emily McIntosh
Helen Q. McKinnon
Charlene McQuaid
Zach and Bailey Means
Douglas Merrill Jr
Paul and Cheryl Morrow
Roger and Shawna Oliver
Ryan and Shirar Patterson
Tim Pease
Kevin D. Peterson
Jeff and Heidi Plourde
Glen L. Porter and Jean M. Deighan
Bob Potts
Donna Power
Joe and Becky Pratt
Glenn and Nancy Rampe
Rachel Robertson
Dick and Judy Rollins
John and Tracy Ronan
Valerie and Steve Roy
Tom and Bonnie Sawyer
David Sewall
Warren and Evelyn Silver
Gary Smith
Tracy and Victor Smith
Lynne and Peter Spooner
Ric Tyler and Elizabeth Sutherland
Gary M. Tardie
Kevin and Jacqueline Tesseo
Maggie Christie
Suzanne Tyler and Dennis Casey
Jeff and Lisa Wahlstrom
Ralph and Ruth Webber
Dr. and Mrs. Roger M. Wilson

Leaders $1,000 – $1,499

Glenn Adams
Kay and Kevin Allcroft
Peggy Allen
Eric and Megan Anderson
Harvard Austin
Michelle Austin
Sarah Bailey *
Erin and Travis Barry
Kathleen Barry
Constance Bender
Pat Berneche and Family
Renee Bishop and Duane Graves
Kevin Black
William and Kristi Blair
Scott Blake and Liz Rettenmaier
B & M Dental Laboratory
Beth Bohnet
Gerilyn Bosse and Denise Hewes
Ray and Marlo Bradford
John and Theresa Bragg
James Braley
Robert Brandow
Bruce and Katherine Brown
Mark Bulmer and Kim Fleming
David and Amanda Butterfield
Stephen Call
Steve Cameron
Mary Camire
David and Susan Carlisle
Brian and Kathleen Carmichael
Kyle and Julie Casburn
James and Janet Cattin
Lee and Ann Chick
Eric and Kimberly Clark
Janice Clark
Robert and JoAnn Clough
Theresa Cody
Kenneth Colpritt
Jerrod Crouse
Allan and Linda Currie
Colby C. Currier III
Jason and Kristin Cyr
Rhoda Daigle
Michael D’Errico
Jim and Melissa Donnelly
John Dougherty
Allison Doughty
Keith and Wendy Durrah
Domenic Efter
Tim and Amy Estabrook
Joel A. Farley
Suzanne Farley
Matthew Farrington
Kathleen Fitzgerald
Nicole Fletcher
Jose Flores
Susan Fortier
Maurice and Jocelyn Fournier
Jason W. Frederick
Rob and Dr. Jennifer Freese
Susan and Gregory Gallant
Robert and Mary Gardner
Rex and Renee Garrett
Eric and Andrea Gifford
Deborah A. Giguere and Andrew Stewart
Michael and Raejean Gordon
Gary and Robyn Greene
Judy Groth
William Haney
Bill and Tammy Haney
Ben and Betty Ann Haskell
Stacy Haskell *
Kara Hay
Lisa Henaghen
Brad and Ginny Hughes *
Joan and Jeffrey Jeter
Geoffrey and Kathryn Johnson
Nancy Johnson and Edward Nickerson
Scott and Karen Keim
Scott Kenney
Linda Kerecman
Aram and Jennifer Khavari
Don and Jill King
Roger King
Nancy and Chip Laite
T.J. and Shelly Langerak
Janelle and Vern Leeman
Clifford Leonard
Brandon Libby
Robert and Karen Littlefield
Dennis Lord
John M. Lord and Kelly Cotiaux
Lin and Mabel Lufkin
Calvin Luther and Mary Thomas
Lisa Martin
George and Kristin Maxsimic
Mike and Norma McInnis
Daniel and Nancy McKay
Rob McKay
Richard and Susan McKinley
Sabina Medina
Jean Mellett and Edward Rudnicki, Jr
Victoria Merry and Tyson Thornton
Kenneth Miller
Sean and Sandra Milligan
Lannie Moffatt
Michael Myatt
Jill and Travis Noyes
In Memory of Michael Openshaw
Scott and Donna Oxley
Shareen Palmacci
Bonnie Patchell
David Pease
Anthony and Joanmarie Pellegrini
David Perkins
Gary Eckmann and Elena Perrello
Karen G. Pomeroy
John and Debra Pond
Jessamine Pottle *
Ursula and Robin Pritham
Kathryn Ravenscraft *
Mandy Reid
Tom and Sue Reid
Ted Whitham and Paola Rinaldi-Whitham
Ron Roope
Paul and Inez Rudman
Cheryl A. Russell
Ron and Jeanne Russell
Kimberly Sanborn
Craig and Mary Saunders
Kurt and Karen Schaller
George and Joyce Schelling
Jane Schetter
Samuel Schuppe
Mike and Nancy Shea
Gregory and Nichole Sirois
Mitchell and Florence Sleeper
The Southworth Family
Brian Stanley
Margaret Stavitz
David Stevens
Judith Stover
Terrance Stratton
Bob and Kristen Strong
William A. Sturrock, MD
Marie Suitter
Robert and Nina Jerome Sutcliffe
Peter Taft
Jeff Teunisen
Charles Therrien
Robert Toole
Nicholas and Patricia Waanders
Chuck and Barbara Wakeman
Jeff and Kristen Wallace
Kathy Washburn *
Mark Washburn
Scott and Francine Welch
Stephen and Marlene Wight
Chad Wilcox
Janelle and Vesa Wuoristo *
5 Anonymous Donors

* In addition to a monetary donation these folks also donated at least 25 hours of volunteer time in our community.