Matthew Stepp

Marketing & Events Manager
(207) 631-5640

Greetings! During the past two decades my focus has been on developing a positive and exciting career pathway within various industries in New England.  I’ve embarked on career building adventures in the fields of Advertising, Marketing, Sales, Hospitality and Foodservice Administration. Whether I’m in a business suit, volunteering in overalls or organizing events in a chef coat, I’m constantly immersed in the positives of the industry and connecting with the people I meet on these adventures.

I’m naturally drawn to creative and interesting communication methods and find that some of the best leadership and sales tools include humor and approachability. My Bachelors degree in Mass Communications has been vital in the related promotion and marketing of the businesses from which I’ve worked. My friends, family, jam band music culture, art, nature and my wonderful son Harper are my immediate inspirations in life.

I’m eager to help connect, develop and market United Way’s mission to create stability and positive change in Eastern Maine. Let’s get creative and connect for our community!