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Shaw House

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Penobscot, Piscataquis, Hancock, Waldo, Washington
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Basic Needs

The Shaw House Emergency Homeless Youth Shelter is a 16-bed shelter open 7pm – 8am, 7 days a week, providing safe shelter, food, supportive counseling, access to gateway services including items needed to meet basic needs.

Success Stories

Alicia could no longer reside with her mother due to conflict within her home and her mother’s un-met mental health needs.  An argument between she and her mother resulted in deterioration of Alicia’s mental health and she reached out for help and sought emergency treatment in a crisis unit.  Without a home to return to due to persistent untreated familial mental health issues and battling her own mental health challenges, Alicia was now homeless.  Alicia reluctantly sought access to the Shaw House Emergency Shelter in early March of 2018, allowing the Shaw House Shelter the opportunity to partner with Alicia to ensure her basic needs were being met.

Alicia was shy and reserved when she arrived and spent a lot of time to herself. Upon arrival, Alicia was not receiving services of any kind, as the service provider she was referred to upon discharge from crisis was not available for another 45 days.  She struggled with the newly prescribed medications and without any follow up mental health services; her mental health regressed.  She was connected with an on-site mental health provider within the Shelter, and followed through with each scheduled appointment.  As Alicia’s mental health began to stabilize, the fog that overcame her cleared, and she became more self-sufficient.  Her energy and motivation improved and feelings of hopelessness were replaced with the reality of the possibilities that were before her.  Alicia set the goal of moving into the Mason Place Transitional Living Program of the Shaw House, and with fierce determination she pursued action steps towards that goal. Alicia, having already obtained her High School Diploma, gained and maintained full-time employment, continued to consistently engage with her mental health provider on-site, and was rarely seen within the shelter due to taking advantage of any offer for over-time.

Alicia passed her interview at Mason Place with flying colors and proudly moved into her own bedroom within the program in early July, after a 4-month stay within the shelter.  During Alicia’s case reviews, Alicia’s team continues to support her in strengthening her familial connections to allow her the opportunity to benefit from strong family support as she transitions out onto her own.

Alicia continues to do exceptionally well in transitional living, and is thriving on learning the skills necessary to take her next step towards moving into her own apartment.  She is making a competitive hourly wage, and with the over-time she continues to work is building a healthy savings and is well on her way of transitioning into her own apartment with earnings above the poverty line.  Alicia has become self-sufficient and is demonstrating the ability to thrive on her own; she refuses to let anything stand in her way.  Alicia’s many cheerleaders at the Shaw House have no doubt that Alicia can, and will, be successful at whatever she sets out to accomplish.

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