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The Bangor Region YMCA Y-Works Before and After School program utilizes a nationally recognized curriculum to deliver impactful programming to children in kindergarten through 5th grade, this program emphasizes social skills development, closing educational gaps, connecting youth with caring adults, and reducing or eliminating barriers to inclusion by providing transportation, extended hours, and scholarships.

Success Stories

Hannah and Samantha (names changed) are two wonderful girls who are supported fully by a single mother and have participated in the Y Works program for 3 years.  In that time, we have seen them grow and develop in myriad ways.  Their mother says, “Sometimes when I pick up the girls, they don’t want to leave because they are having such a great time.  Every time I ask about homework, it’s done because one of that staff has helped them.  They help with other things like learning how to play basketball, practicing their band instruments, and sometimes just listening when one of them has a problem.”  Their mother is so grateful that these girls have a safe place to go after school, where they are having fun, they are learning beyond the school day, and they have caring people to watch over them.

Hannah & Samantha’s mother has often said that without the YMCA she would not know what to do.  They do not have any family in the area to support with childcare.  Furthermore, they are reliant on our scholarship program for after school care.  Their mother attests our scholarship program to the reason why she can work just one job, allowing her to spend nights and weekends with her daughters, and allowing the girls to be supervised during those times.

“The scholarship we receive is a life saver because I don’t get financial support from anywhere else.  Not only is this the only program I can afford, but it is the only one that works with my work schedule.  I don’t know what I would do without this program.”  Hannah and Samantha are incredible young girls, and we feel so honored to be part of their personal and academic development.

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