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Waldo Community Action Partners is a charitable, educational, 501(c)(3) private non-profit organization located in Belfast, Maine. It is designed to utilize and mobilize public and private resources to assist low-income Waldo County residents in the alleviation of poverty and address its underlying causes.

Success Stories

We host a Drive-up Community Food & Supplies Pantry. Community members are welcome to drive through and accept a pre-packaged bag of food. For those unable to drive, we deliver food to them. We delivery packages to the VFW and American Legions so they may distribute food to the Veterans in need. We provide food and transportation to the Gary Owens House in Searsmont, our local homeless Veteran home. Our Head Start families will receive food, supplies, and diapers through the network of our family advocates. We are seeking to identify who needs what and where does it need to go.

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$6,500 Funding Amount