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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Midcoast Maine

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Penobscot, Waldo
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BBBS of Mid-Maine gives kids the opportunity to succeed by supporting academic success, raising aspirations and helping avoid risky behaviors through their School & Community Base Mentoring program. Littles ages 5-14, facing adversity such as single parent or low income homes, academic challenges, or social struggles are matched 1-to-1 with caring, screened, trained mentors and supported by professional BBBS staff to ensure healthy and safe relationships.

Success Stories

The main reason I chose to become a mentor was because I wanted to impact a child’s life by bringing happiness and pure fun to it. With the knowledge given, I knew if I was a part of this program I could help a young mind excel and create positive energy in their lives. Another thing that attracted me was the structured balance of helping the growth of a child which this program provided.

Our weekly meetings consisted of homework and planned fun activities for each of the paired Big Brothers, Big Sisters and their Littles. Some days we would take a group trip to the local park. Other days we would play indoor board games like Checkers, Memory, or Candyland, and included days for arts and crafts.

Initially, I was very nervous because I did not know what to expect from my Little. I didn’t know his situation, nor did I know how he may respond. That all changed within minutes into our group’s first session while playing an ice breaker activity. Seeing how quickly my Little’s face lit up with joy when he realized he was paired up with me is a memory I’ll probably carry with me for a long time. Knowing how much it meant to him, as well as all the kids in the program, has left me with a great feeling. You don’t see the importance of this program until you’re there and see how their body language transitions when our mentor group shows up.

I’m glad, and very lucky to have had this wonderful experience. I have nothing but great things to say about this program. Don’t think there’s many after-school programs that could say both the mentor and the child were as heavily impacted as this one. I cannot wait until the fall to see my Little again!

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$11,000 Funding Amount