Piscataquis Regional Food Center

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Penobscot, Piscataquis
50 Number of Lives Improved

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Food Security

Piscataquis Regional Food Center helps connect people with programs and services to help them get healthy food. PRFC also provides services and facilities for regional farms and home-based businesses that need help establishing or growing their markets. PRFC’s cornerstone program is a pilot project with Good Shepherd Food Bank to create a regional “redistribution” center that serves all of Piscataquis and surrounding towns, including Dexter. PRFC itself is not a food cupboard but it will help Good Shepherd and other donors provide more food and food assistance to regional food cupboards and their customers.

Success Stories

Home delivery of fresh produce, commodity food boxes, and pre-packed food cupboard food for folks who are in the highest risk category or who are self-isolating.

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$1,500 Funding Amount