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Wellspring, Inc.

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Penobscot, Piscataquis, Hancock, Waldo, Washington
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Substance Use Disorder

Wellspring’s Outpatient Program provides individual and group counseling for Mental Health and/or Substance Use Disorder treatment (includes co-occurring) and, counseling for affected others.

Success Stories

Due to strict confidentiality rules some identifying characteristics have been changed to protect the client. This story is about a client who shall be called Lilly.

Lilly was referred to Wellspring’s Outpatient program through her participation in the Penobscot County Drug Court wherein her initial treatment plan began by attending an intensive outpatient group, three times a week. At the time of referral, she had been given a deferred jail sentence for drug trafficking and working in the sex trade. She had not place to stay and so it was arranged to provide temporary housing at one of Wellspring’s transitional housing apartments. Things did not go well for Lilly. Soon she was regularly testing positive for substances and her roommates reported that her behavior was verbally abusive. She was unable to abide by simply rules of the apartment and found herself in shouting matches with other residents and regularly accused of stealing their groceries. Her roommates also reported that she was regularly engaged in illicit sexual behavior in the apartment. It was reported that she had had two overdose incidences wherein First Responders had saved her life using the opiate receptor blocker, Narcan. Her Drug court team determined that she needed much more structure to her treatment in order to manage the substance use and to address her past history of trauma.

Lilly had the good fortune to have a caring team that were able to arrange for her admission to the residential program and, also to connect her with a primary care provider who could prescribe Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT) to taper the opioid cravings so that she could begin the work of healing her brain. Lilly also started attending weekly counseling sessions in the Outpatient program to address deeper trauma work associated with her addictive behavior patterns. By the time she was ready to graduate from residential care and continue with Outpatient Counseling, Lilly was already showing signs of the flower she would become. The physical changes in her face and body were apparent immediately. As her body began to heal from the years of methamphetamine and opioid abuse, her spirit began to flourish. Still, there was a barrier that was apparent.

Drug use had been cruel, and Lilly had lost many of her front teeth and was extremely self-conscious about it. Even as her eyes began to light up and smile, she would hide her mouth behind her hand. Part of Lilly’s long-range recovery planning involved moving away from earning income as a sex-worker. Her outpatient counselor was helping her learn new survival skills while helping her to heal her own confidence in herself. She received a referral from her counselor and help in making the call and in completing the paper work to receive free dental care and dentures. When Lilly graduated from Drug Court a year after her admission, she was quite literally a new person. She was so happy and proud when she applied for and was hired at a local fast food restaurant. A first step on the long road to recovery, but a huge celebration for her and for everyone involved. After graduation from Drug Court Lilly continued to see her counselor in Wellspring’s Outpatient program for another six months with a graduated frequency that culminated with her being an active member at the BARN, a person who works and cares for herself, and someone who gives back through sponsorship of others who need support.

Lilly is one story of someone who, through support of Wellspring’s Outpatient Counseling program, in collaboration with other community supports, was able to thrive, and recover and become one of the many, “quiet” success stories of Wellspring.

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