Nutrition Services

Funding Agency

Eastern Area Agency on Aging

Counties Served

Penobscot, Piscataquis, Hancock, Washington
3,150 Number of Lives Improved


The EAAA Nutrition program provides vital nutrition services to seniors in Eastern Maine through Meals on Wheels, Community Cafes, Pantry Partners, emergency food boxes, low cost private pay meals, groceries, nutrition education, and other food sources. The program partners with many other community programs to provide a network of options for seniors.

Success Stories

Mr. P lives in Sergeantsville where there is no public transportation.  He is blind, and unless one of the people that live near him has time to give him a ride, he is completely homebound.  Mr. P. spends much of his time talking on his CB radio to others but it is the only regular outside voice he hears.  He lived with his father until he died and left him alone, the only other family member he has are out of state and do not come to visit.  Mr. P. keeps a very neat home as things have to stay in their place for him to be able to function.  His health is now beginning to deteriorate, and going outside is very hard.  Without being able to see, he is unsure where he is if he gets away from the house.  The Meals on Wheels volunteers will stop and visit with Mr. P. and often take him outside for a breath of fresh air.  He loves the Meals on Wheels and has a great system where he uses the bread and milk for breakfast and heats his meals in the microwave when he is hungry.  Without Meals on Wheels and the visit from the friendly volunteer, he would not be able to stay in his home.

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$36,300 Funding Amount