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Spectrum Generations’ Meals on Wheels program provides meals prepared by our own skilled chefs/cooks to isolated, homebound older and disabled adults who no longer can prepare or cook meals for themselves, and who also do not have a support system of family/friends that can do these tasks for them.  Along with delivering healthy, nutritious meals – our program provides vital safety checks, social interaction, and helps connect consumers with other services they may need (e.g. heating assistance during the winter).

Success Stories

She lives in a very rural part of Waldo County – sometimes her volunteer driver is the only other person she sees for weeks. Sadly her husband has passed away – he was able to age in place with help from our Meals on Wheels program. People want to remain independent and at home, in the home they chose to live in, in the neighborhood they chose, in the community that they have decided to be part of. Each and every time our staff or volunteers have contact with her she is thankful and full of gratitude. She consistently thanks us over and over, sharing that she knows if it weren’t for the meals and the help she receives from Spectrum Generations she would not be able to still be at home, she would not be able to be productive, active, healthy, and would not be able to age in place successfully.

She received free pet food from our Animeals program for her companion – her little dog until the dog sadly passed just three weeks ago. Again, she cannot say enough good about the pet food program – she would tell her volunteer driver that she and her dog were eating right and eating healthy and that they would not have been able to do so, if it wasn’t for Meals on Wheels and Animeals. She is homebound, not able to drive, and has a hard time keeping up with the tasks of maintaining her home – our Meals on Wheels program has not only provided nutritious meals to her, but also friendly visits, safely checks, and links to other services when needed. Our Bridges Home Services program is now working with her to help her with daily tasks, again allowing her to be successful in her own home and age in place – where she is most happy.

Too often we see elders in our community admitted to nursing homes or assisted living homes – this isn’t a choice anyone wants to make, it is one they have to make or go along with when they are no longer able to safely stay at home. Spectrum Generations Meals on Wheels currently helps over 900 people in the Central Maine Area be successful in their own homes.

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