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The mission of The Game Loft is to promote Positive Youth Development through non-electric games and community involvement.  Our vision is a community where all people are valued regardless of age; where youth become resources with meaningful roles and responsibilities for positive community change; where disabled youth, juvenile offenders, the bullied, the ostracized, and all who feel voicelwss are heard and respected; and where willing volunteers of all ages work to improve the life of their community.

Success Stories

Provide a soup kitchen for children and youth run at the Game Loft as a grab-and-go program; and an isolation program designed to reduce social isolation in teens and elders, “Reach out to ME – I’ll be there” via post cards expansion to the greater community, especially seniors by having them write postcards and send them to the Game Loft.  We will, in turn,  forward them to the children and youth on our mailing list every day during the self-isolation period.  For security reasons, the youth will not be able to respond to the card writer, but their responses will be posted on our website.

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$5,000 Funding Amount