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Habitat for Humanity of Greater Bangor

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Basic Needs

We bring people together to build and repair homes with local families to move them out of substandard living conditions and give them the stability, independence, and financial benefits that home ownership provides.

Success Stories

A shy 13-year-old is no longer afraid to be in her apartment building where drug dealers frequent, and where the locks seem too flimsy.  She and her sister don’t have to unplug appliances every time they leave, worried the faulty wiring will spark a fire.  Their mom doesn’t have to sleep on the couch so they can have their own bedrooms.  She no longer has to choose between the unsafe apartment that she can afford, or the safe apartment that costs almost half her pay.

With the help of students and instructors from Eastern Maine Community College, local businesses who donated building materials and services, donors, and the volunteers who came out to offer her a hand up, Jennifer Roy and her girls moved into their new Habitat home in June.

Not only does their three-bedroom home have more space, it will cost less on a monthly basis.  With an affordable mortgage, Jennifer can finally put away money for emergencies and long-term goals, including investments in her family’s education, health, and overall well-being.  “Now I can think about something else other than my living situation,” she says.  “This home gives me hope that I will finally be able to get ahead financially.  I am just incredibly relieved that my girls will have a safe place to grow up.  Nothing could make me happier.”

Contact Information

382 Harlow Street, Bangor, ME 04401



$33,000 Funding Amount