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Good Samaritan Agencies Child Care Program provides children with a safe and nurturing environment with a developmentally appropriate curriculum promoting each child’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive development to prepare each child to enter kindergarten.

Success Stories

Lily started in our program in August 2016.  She had just turned a year that month and she had never been in child care before.  Her parents reported to us on her enrollment record that she is shy at first with people and she analyzes them until she is comfortable.  Their goal for her at the time was that she become more social with people and children.

Lily surprisingly had a great drop off on her first day at our center.  She sat mostly by herself just observing what was happening around her.  She was very cautious around the teachers and her new environment.  Due to her age and lack of child care experience, we knew the key to a positive beginning was for her to develop a secure attachment to her teachers.  Sadly, day 2 had a very different drop off.  For many days to follow, we tried multiple strategies to help her feel safe, trusting and nurtured in her new environment.  We suggested her parents bring in a book with pictures of her family in it to look at when she was sad throughout the day.  We did a family wall in the classroom for all kids to see pictures of their families for a sense of comfort.  We suggested they bring in a special toy or blanket from home to give her a sense of security.  After a month of ongoing support to the family, many strategies and continued consistency, she finally settled in and felt comfortable enough to explore her physical and social environment.  She was interacting with other children and laughing with them.  She would go in and out of a classroom tunnel and play peak-a-boo with her friends.  She loved sitting and looking at books with her friends and teachers.

As she continued to develop, we noticed she was behind in her speech and language abilities.  Our teachers administer ongoing checklist assessments to gauge children’s learning and development over time.  We discussed with the parents our concern with her speech as we were seeing her bite, hit or scream at her friends when she was frustrated with them.  She was also having constant tantrums at home when she wasn’t able to express her needs.  A speech and language evaluation was finally administered to her when she was a little older than two and a half.  She was found to have a severe articulation delay and a mild expressive language delay.  Lily has been receiving speech therapy since the evaluation and I can successfully report that she no longer shows aggression towards her peers when frustrated.  She is able to appropriately communicate with them and if she is having a hard time she will ask the teacher for assistance.

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