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Good Samaritan Agency

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Penobscot, Hancock, Washington
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Basic Needs

The mission of the Good Samaritan Agency is to help individuals who have special needs concerning pregnancy and parenting to gain the services they need to improve the quality of their lives.

Success Stories

Sophie was 17 when she started in our school program. She started school with us at the beginning of the 2015/2016 school year and was due to have her baby in November. She had completed through 11th grade in public high school and had been an honors student. She came to the intake with her parents and they were very concerned about her being able to finish her high school education and move forward with her goal of going to college. Her parents wanted to make sure we could offer the classes that Sophie needed, given what courses she had taken in public high school. Sophie started the year with a goal of finishing classes with us in time to start college during the spring semester. It was obvious from the beginning, that Sophie was a young woman with a vision and a lot of drive. She planned to go on to nursing school and she had no intentions of altering that plan.

Sophie was able to complete all her graduation requirements during the first semester. Even the addition of a new baby boy did not slow her down. She worked hard and stayed focused on completing high school. In January 2015, Sophie not only completed her high school graduation requirements, but she also started taking classes at a local Community College. While she was in college, her son stayed in our childcare center. We would see Sophie daily as she brought her son in to childcare. She would give us regular updates on her college classes and the struggles of nursing school. She worked at a local hospital while going to school and parenting. She was a young woman juggling many different roles at one time.

In May 2018, Sophie earned her nursing degree. Her dream job was to work in labor and delivery, but she expected it would take some time to work her way into that position. However, all her hard work paid off and her first job is as a labor and delivery nurse. She works nights, so sadly her son in no longer in our childcare center. She made the decision to keep him at home and have family watch him. In 2015, when Sophie graduated from our school program, she wrote that “Good Samaritan helped me to embrace and succeed in being a young mother”. We certainly embraced this young woman at 17 and we continued with that embrace until she was able to achieve the self-sufficiency and financial stability to succeed on her own. She went from being 17 years old and working a part-time minimum wage job to being a college graduate with a good career and a great salary.

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