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Washington Hancock Community Agency

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Every Monday through Saturday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, Washington Hancock Community Agency’s Friendship Cottage offers an Adult Day Service Program of activities, meals, and personal care for adults coping with physical, mental, or memory challenges.  Our team of trained professionals and volunteers provide opportunities throughout the day for physical fitness, exploration of interests, and socialization.  Meaningful activities to move the body and stimulate the mind encourage our participants to achieve maximum functioning in a welcoming setting with individualized attention.

Success Stories

Michael is a 50 year old former engineer for an international company that makes airplanes.  In 2010, Michael developed a seizure disorder, he qualified for disability, and had to leave his job.  In July 2015, Michael had a major seizure with lasting neurological implications.  No longer able to care for himself, Michael moved to Maine to live with his 74 year old parents.  His parents reached out to Friendship Cottage Caregiver Resource Center to look for resources that might be available to them and Michael.  In September 2015, Michael began attending the Adult Day Service Program at Friendship Cottage.  The time he is here gives his elderly parents some much needed respite.  Michael enjoys talking with the staff, going for walks on our property, and spending time with his new friends.

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$8,250 Funding Amount