Family Caregiver Program

Funding Agency

Eastern Area Agency on Aging

Counties Served

Penobscot, Piscataquis, Hancock, Waldo, Washington
900 Number of Lives Improved


Eastern Area Agency on Aging’s Family Caregiver Program classes are designed to give caregivers a resource to help with the day to day stress and strain of caring for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Caregivers participate in activities and work on developing confidence to manage behaviors and gain insight into the effect the disease has on their loved one.

Success Stories

We received the following e-mail/success story from a caregiver to our Family Caregiver Specialist, Josephine:
“Dear Josephine,
I just wanted to connect with you and tell you about how much you helped me. I realize that in our fields we rarely get the see the outcome of our laborers, we accept that as it’s a labor of love. Maybe we should share more. Especially when it’s good news. Josephine when we spoke my Dad was freshly discharged without equipment, meds a mess, no DME, a diet that he couldn’t manage, and he was scared to death. He would never admit that to anyone but me. So naturally I got a plane ticket. When I got there I had 50mb of roaming data and got cut off. Well brilliant. I needed to get referrals and find resources. That’s where you came in. Because of your support I got my grandmother and my Dad meals on wheels, home care, nursing support, got his equipment, showed him how to use it. Reconciled his meds with his PCP, and so much more. Because of your help and the spreading support of those you linked me with my Dad is home, safe, mobile, has meals, has meds, home health, nursing support and more.

I’m writing to say thank you and I hope you know it means the world. I know it’s “your job”, I know it’s just what we do. But that doesn’t mean for a moment that it doesn’t matter and I hope you know I thank you. Please accept my personal round of a pause for your help. Now my Memere can continue to live at home instead of a nursing facility. My Dad doesn’t have to be left alone unable to care for himself and with no idea how. I was so scared she would have to go to a LTCF and he would be left home alone with nobody to be with him. With a heart full of thanks and joy”

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$7,145 Funding Amount