Engaging Youth in Violence Prevention

Funding Agency

Partners for Peace

Counties Served

Penobscot, Piscataquis
2,600 Number of Lives Improved


Partners for Peace’s Engaging Youth in Violence Prevention Program addresses the community problem of domestic violence through prevention aimed at children and youth. Abuse prevention requires social change, and social change starts with young people, so we work with youth to educate and empower them to envision and create a world free of abuse.

Success Stories

This year we were able to experience some of the long term impacts that are the result of our prevention programming. Every year we visit the 9th grade students at John Bapst Memorial High School during their 9th grade health class. The students are always very engaged in our presentations. They participate in the activities and contribute to the thoughtful discussion. After the session was over, the educator who worked with the students didn’t expect to hear from them again. Much to her surprise a group of students appreciated the information so much they decided it would be a helpful topic to cover in a school-wide assembly. The students worked with our educator to come up with the presentation agenda and worked behind the scenes to make this event possible. The educator was well received at the assembly where students were enthralled with the information. Shortly after the presentation, a few students from John Bapst reached our to our organization’s volunteer coordinator to learn more about how they could volunteer. It was great to see things come full circle and to have the students enjoy the presentations so much they wanted to be involved in the organization.

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$11,920 Funding Amount