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Amicus’ Ed Bouchea Center for Learning is the only CARF-accredited community support program in Bangor and the surrounding communities that is equipped and capable of providing professional and individualized support services for men and women with severe and complex disabilities.

Success Stories

Stacey is a 50 year old woman diagnosed with Severe Intellectual Disability and Down Syndrome. Stacey is ambulatory but has an unsteady gait. She is mostly nonverbal, but is able to somewhat verbalize some names of family members; therefore her expressive language is limited. On the other hand though, Stacey’s receptive language is very good. She does have the limited ability to use and understand some sign language. She began attending the Bouchea Center for Learning (BCL) in March 2014 after her previous community support program closed down with no notice.

Unfortunately due to the sudden closure of her previous community support program, Stacey had to stay home with no services and no expectations for over 4 months. When she began attending BCL, the initial transition was not an easy one. Stacey is someone who is very set on her daily routine, and attending BCL was not her normal routine. On her first day she came through the front door and immediately sat herself down onto the floor. After a lot of encouragement and the use of reinforcement strategies, she finally made her way down to the classroom. Through weeks of hard work, Stacey finally succeeded. She went from sitting on a thick mat within the classroom and briefly working on tasks asked of her while still remaining on the mat to finally sitting at her table and fully cooperating with tasks asked of her. In addition to the referral for support from our Behavioral Coordinator, all new participants are referred, as needed, to our contracted therapists. This was the case for Stacey. She was immediately evaluated and offered supports by our Physical and Speech Therapy consultants.

We are very proud of the progress that Stacey has made since starting at BCL. In addition to her improved communication and increased stamina and strength, she is now happily engaging in activities that she previously refused to. Some examples are going for walks around our neighborhood, getting on our vans and participating with her peers on community outing, and joining other classrooms for special group activities.

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