Funding Agency

Eastern Area Agency on Aging

Counties Served

Penobscot, Piscataquis, Hancock, Washington
1,074 Number of Lives Improved


Eastern Area Agency on Aging’s EAA-Z Fix program provides minor home repair, home safety assessments, housekeeping, and technology services to low income seniors in Eastern Maine. This service is vital to help keep seniors in their homes. We are able to offer service in more than 116 communities.

Success Stories

An 86 year old lady lives alone in Clifton. According to the EZ Fix Manager, what makes this unique is that this woman is EXTREMELY hard of hearing. He literally yells when he is on the phone with her because of the client’s hearing impairment. The client reports that most people when she calls for help just hang up on her because they give up or they’re frustrated.

Although the EZ Fix Manager has to yell, she was very pleased that #1: we didn’t hang up on her and #2: we were able/willing to rebuild her front steps and paint both her front steps and side entry steps. It certainly made us and the volunteers feel good that we were able to help her with this.

We now provided housekeeping service to her too.

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$7,425 Funding Amount