Community Services, Information and Assistance

Funding Agency

Eastern Area Agency on Aging

Counties Served

Penobscot, Piscataquis, Hancock, Waldo, Washington
8,000 Number of Lives Improved


The goal for the Community Services, Information and Assistance program is to ensure that older adults, caregivers, and adults with disabilities who contact Eastern Area Agency on Aging have access to the needed community resources. EAAA staff explain specific details of each program, help consumers apply for entitlement programs, follow up with them after the application process to ensure they received the assistance, and help advocate for those consumers who inaccurately receive a denial for services.

Success Stories

A consumer, who was deaf since birth, lost her MaineCare due to an increase in income. With an interpreter, our CSS was able to explain her options and determine next steps which resulted in a successful transition to excellent coverage. The consumer was so impressed with this service that she shared it with Maine Center on Deafness. The center reached out to EAAA which resulted in the CSS doing a presentation in June for 15 hearing impaired consumers. This presentation focused on all of the services EAAA can offer them.

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$18,835 Funding Amount