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Bucksport Area Child Care Center is licensed by the State of Maine to provide early care and education services to toddler, preschool, and pre-kindergarten aged children.  We offer a secure, stimulating environment in which children develop imaginations and share positive, educational experiences with peers and adults.  Our nurturing program allows parents the peace of mind to actively further their own education or careers.

Success Stories

Jonathan has been enrolled at the Bucksport Area Child Care Center for just over a year. He was adopted from China in 2015 and is an adorable, smart, three year old little boy who loves stuffed animals, story time, projects, and snack time. He is a joy to watch at the end of the school day as he shrieks with delight at the first sight of his family at pick up time each day.

At the time of his enrollment at BACCC, in the summer of 2015, Jonathan’s expressive language was estimated at approximately 50 words by his parents, teachers, and speech therapist. In a team meeting, it was decided that the speech therapist would meet with Jonathan two times per week at BACCC to work with him on his speech and also to work with the classroom teachers at BACCC to make sure that we were providing the kind of environment and experiences that would increase Jonathan’s expressive language skills. Jonathan’s early education goals at BACCC are paired to match the goals that his speech therapist has for him. Therefore, Jonathan’s speech skills are being continually challenged, even when he is not in a speech therapy session.

Throughout the year, Jonathan has continued to make great progress in his speech and language skills. In May, Jonathan particularly enjoyed a unit learning about the solar system, spaceships, and all things outer space. At the conclusion of the month-long lesson, Jonathan proudly stood up during circle time and was able to sing a song all by himself that listed the names of all of the planets in the solar system. To go from a vocabulary of 50 words to standing in front of your peers singing a full song by yourself within a year’s time period is an amazing gain in verbal skills!

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