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The Boys & Girls Club of Bangor provides life-changing programs that help youth advance in three outcome areas:  Academic Success, Character and Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles.  Our mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Success Stories

10 year-old Savannah Cheeks has been a member of the Boys & Girls Club of Bangor since the doors first opened in March 2014. Savannah lives in Capehart with her two older siblings and mother. When she first starting attending the club, she expressed strong feelings of being picked on by her siblings and not “fitting in” with her family or her friends at school. Savannah needed constant reminders and guidance from staff and really struggled with peer social interactions. She often sat by herself or opted out of gym games when she was feeling overwhelmed.

Over this past year, Savannah has rarely missed a day of programming and, as a result, we have seen a drastic change in her behavior. She is excelling academically, always the first to volunteer or help out a friend in need, and is communicating effectively with the adults in the program. Staff often rely on Savannah to be a positive role model to the younger club members.

At the Boys & Girls Club, Savannah has supportive caring adults that cater to her specific needs and a group of friends that she can be herself around. The club is a safe and positive place for Savannah to learn new life skills, create healthy habits, and receive one-on-one homework help.

This fall will bring many changes for Savannah. She will be going into 6th grade, starting a new school and taking on new responsibilities in Torch Club, a program where members learn to elect officers and implement activities based around service, education, health and fitness, and social recreation. Savannah has already stated that she will be the next Torch Club President!

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