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Bangor Housing builds community – for its residents and for the neighborhoods of Bangor – through the provision of quality, affordable, environmentally responsible housing.

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Bangor Housing has three properties serving approximately 125 elderly and disabled residents, Nason Park, Crestwood, and Autumn Park West, all located in Bangor. The funds are used to purchase groceries and supplies for tenants, which are then be delivered to them, allowing them to stay home where they are safest. Bangor Housing typically provides transportation for these individuals on a weekly basis so they can do their shopping, but at this time we are not able to provide this service. These tenants live on a very fixed income and most don’t have their own transportation leaving them no choice but to have to use public transportation and go out shopping on their own when they have the funds to do so, where they are vulnerable to contracting COVID-19 and becoming very ill and possibly spreading the virus to the elderly/disabled housing communities where they live. With the these funds, Resident Services staff are able to purchase food and supplies that can be delivered to our residents to help get them through this difficult time.

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$2,500 Funding Amount