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Spectrum Generations’ Adult Day Program offers a variety of stimulating, engaging, educational, physical, and therapeutic activities for consumers ages 19-60 with developmental disabilities, and adults age 60 and older. Our program also offers a friendly environment, socialization, skill building activities, nutritious snacks, and a well-balanced lunch. Each program participant also has access to assistance with health monitoring and medication administration, as well as assistance with personal hygiene and activities of daily living. Each consumer assists in developing a customized plan of care which helps staff utilize their strengths and interests, which allows the consumer to receive maximum benefit.

Success Stories

Elaine, a resident of Frankfurt, has been attending the Adult Day Program at the Waldo Community Center for over 10 years. Now in her early 90s, Elaine attends program 3 days a week. Elaine has always been a very busy, outgoing, and thoughtful person. As a mother to 7 children and experienced traveler, staying home alone was not her idea of interesting or stimulating.

By attending the Adult Day Program, Elaine has daytime health monitoring to ensure she is feeling good and has access to medical services in a timely manner if needed. Elaine can enjoy well balanced snacks and lunches while attending program without having to participate in the potentially difficult or tiring preparation and clean-up process, and no longer has to worry about the hazards of kitchen appliances. Elaine happily chooses to participate in our exercise program to help maintain her strength and mobility.

Elaine has always been a very creative and artistic person, so having access to a variety of activities, crafts, and projects is very enjoyable for her. Elaine is also a very outgoing, friendly, and social person, and really helps other consumers feel at home when attending program. Elaine is always willing to discuss how attending program has made a difference in her life, but she has also truly enriched the lives those around her by having access to program.

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$3,000 Funding Amount