Innovation Fund

The United Way of Eastern Maine Innovation fund supports critical collaborations, initiatives and programs outside of the three-year Community Investment cycle. The main focus of this fund is to support collaboration and innovation in line with UWEM’s mission “to mobilize the caring power of people and communities” and the following bold goals.

  • All children have quality early learning experiences.
  • Prevent, treat and support recovery from Substance Use Disorder
  • Meet basic needs and promote self-sufficiency for all.

Innovation Fund requests must be made in writing to the President & CEO, Shirar Patterson.  Requests should include the request amount, a project overview with demonstration of need, community support (partners, other funders etc), explanation of alignment with UWEM’s mission and bold goals as well how you will measure success.

Please note that availability of funds is limited and the Community Investment process remains the primary vehicle for program funding.

For more information or to apply for funding please contact Shirar Patterson at 207-941-2800 or