Volunteer at COVID Vaccination Clinic

Group Volunteering at the Northern Light Health
Cross Insurance Center Vaccination Clinic

Thank you for your interest in group volunteering with Northern Light Health at the Cross Center Vaccine Distribution Center! Please see below for important information regarding the application process, as well as helpful answers to commonly asked questions!

The Process:

  1. Identify Your Team Leader & Team Members – For each team, regardless of size, you will need to designate one person as the “Team Leader.” This person should be your organization’s point person for volunteering.

  2. Fill Out the Northern Light Volunteer Application – Each team member must fill out Northern Light’s application HERE. If a member of your team has already completed the volunteer application, they DO NOT need to complete it again. See FAQ section below for instructions on how to identify yourself as a member of a group.

  3. Register Your Group with VolunteerME – The Team Leader registers the entire group through VolunteerME by clicking HERE.

  4. Get Scheduled – Once you have registered your group through VolunteerME, our Community Engagement Manager, Shane, will reach out to the Team Leader to get you scheduled!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How do I register and sign up?
A: Organizations that would like to bring a group to volunteer should follow the process detailed HERE. Questions about group volunteering should be directed to Shane Boyes,     Community Engagement Manager at United Way of Eastern Maine, or Stacey Coventry, Director of Volunteer Services at Northern Light Health – EMMC.

Q: How long will it take to get scheduled?
A: Once all team members have registered, groups will be scheduled at least one week later, or longer depending on the needs of your organization and the needs of Northern Light.

Q: Can our group volunteer more than once?
A: Yes! Once your group is registered, you will be able to sign up for one (or more) blocks of time. All times will be scheduled through Shane Boyes, Community Engagement Manager at UWEM.

Q: What roles will I have?
A: Right now, we are scheduling volunteers for roles as Line Managers, Mobility Attendants, and/or Curbside Mobility Attendants.

Q: Will I receive training?
A: Once you register to volunteer, you will receive details about the training and any clinic education you need to complete ahead of time. You will also receive on-site training when you report for your shift.

Q: Do I need to wear a mask?
A: Yes. You must wear a mask at all times. You may wear your own mask into the building, but will be required to change into a medical-grade face mask that will be provided to you by Northern Light Health. You will also be asked to wear a clear face   shield if you do not provide your own goggles or medical-grade glasses.

Q: What should I wear?
A: If your group would like to wear branded clothing (i.e. company t-shirts, pullovers, etc.) you are welcome to do so. Otherwise, business-comfort-casual attire is required. We strongly suggest that you wear comfortable shoes.

Q: How do I indicate I’m part of a group during registration?
A: Be sure to use your work email address when completing the Northern Light Health    volunteer application. When you reach the question “How did you hear about us?” you must select “Northern Light Health Employee.” Later in the application, you will be asked if you were “referred by a current employee.” You will need to select “Employee Referral” and then list your organization’s name into BOTH the “Ref Employee Name” and “Ref Employee Badge Number” fields. Questions about this process can be directed to Shane Boyes, Community Engagement Manager, at United Way of Eastern Maine.

Q: Where should I go when I arrive?
A: You will park in the Buck Street parking lot. You will then proceed to the Cross Center Service Entrance off of Buck Street, where you will be greeted by a United Way of Eastern Maine employee.

Q: What should I bring with me?
A: You are strongly encouraged to bring your own medical-grade safety glasses if possible. If you do not have your own safety goggles, you will be provided with a clear face shield upon arrival.

Q: Can/Will clinic volunteers receive the COVID vaccine?
A: Clinic volunteers with regular service have been identified by the Maine CDC as eligible to receive the vaccine under specific conditions as outlined in both state and Northern Light Health system policies. However, volunteers are not required to be vaccinated before they begin service. If doses are available at the end of a clinic, interested volunteers will be invited to register for vaccination at that clinic, in order of their age.

Shane Boyes, Community Engagement Manager, United Way of Eastern Maine

shaneb@unitedwayem.org | (207) 941-2800

Stacey Coventry, Director of Volunteer Services, Northern Light Health – EMMC
scoventry@northernlight.org | (207) 973-7851