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Funded Agencies

The following agencies and programs are working with us to focus on the community's most critical issues and deliver quality health and human services to those­ who need it most. 

Healthy Acadia

Healthy Acadia/Food supporting Seniors

­Healthy Acadia works to ensure there is enough nutritious food for all older adults who need it. Healthy Acadia's Food Supporting Seniors program will enable low-income older adults in Hancock County to remain independent and in their homes by making free and subsidized food more readily available to them. This will be accomplished through two complimentary strategies: educating older adults on available food assistance resources and how to access them and expanding capacity of food assistance resources to serve an increased number of clients. Top of Page

Amicus - Edward Bouchea Center For Learning

Day Program

The Edward J. Bouchea Center for Learning, a program of Amicus, supports men and women during the day in a cheerful, accessible facility at 96 Thirteenth street and in the community surrounding Bangor, Maine. Significant cognitive and/or physical disabilities are typical of program participants and each has goals and objectives specifically designed to meet their (and their guardian's) needs and wishes. Bouchea Center is guided by the belief that all people need to have a sense of achievement, to have friends, to feel a part of their community and to be respected, to give back to the community, and to have humor and fun in their lives. For almost 40 years Amicus has been known for its experie­nced and qualified staff, for effectiveness in alternative communication, for its highly qualified Physical, Speech and Occupational therapists, and for a history of success in positive behavioral supports. We are accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Top of Page

Bangor Area Homeless Shelter

Day Program­

The Bangor Area Homeless Shelter provides emergency shelter and supportive services to the homeless and economically disadvantaged of the Greater Bangor area. It serves families, couples, single men and women including those individuals with mental illness and/or substance abuse problems and victims of domestic violence. The shelter functions on the principle that safe, affordable housing is a fundamental human right. Its primary aim is to offer a stabilizing base for homeless men and women as they transition back into the community. Top of Page

Bangor Homeless Shelter Nurse Program

Day Program (part of Eastern Maine Home Care)

The Bangor Area Homeless Shelter Nursing Program has two overriding goals: 1) to meet the nursing needs of shelter residents; and 2) once those needs are met, to increase the residents' knowledge and education on how to take better care of themselves. The ultimate outcome is that they utilize this increase in knowledge and awareness into action, something that is nearly impossible to measure. Our best indicator for success of meeting our outcomes is through observations by our nurse at each individual visit. As our nurse makes assessments, she completes an individual nursing visit note, making referrals as appropriate. Debbie Calderwood, RN, is there weekly and provides general nursing care and a variety of services as ordered by medical professionals. Her services include, but are not limited to: health assessments, TB testing, flu vaccinations, blood pressure and diabetes screening, as well as teaching about preventive care. Top of Page

Bangor Y

Discovery Friends

Bangor Y's Discovery House provides a safe, high-quality, licensed environment for preschool children, regardless of income. Full-time teachers implement an educationally based curriculum that combines group activities, self-directed learning centers, swim and gym, music and arts and social interaction in a nurturing, safe environment in order to encourage development and prepare children for kindergarten. Top of Page

Bangor Y Boys Mentoring Program

This program is about building strong relationships, learning the skills to solve problems, communicate effectively and make positive decisions while having a blast in our adventure based program. Participants go on field trips, enjoy the swimming pool and rock climbing, while having conversations with community leaders about goals and opportunities. One on One mentoring allows the boys to build a trusting relationship that will support and guide them towards a strong and positive future. Top of Page

Bangor Y Capehart Outreach Program

Kids in the first through eighth grades who live in the Birch Circle, Griffin Park and Old Capehart communities in Bangor have a local Y facility. The children, who can attend several days each week after school, are provided with an afternoon snack, team building activities, games, field trips, arts and crafts classes, cooking projects, volunteer opportunities and time in the technology or study room to use computers and get help with homework. Top of Page

Bangor Y JumpStart Program
The JumpStart program teaches decision-making and goal-setting skills and personal responsibility. Offered by the Bangor Y through referrals from local police departments and the Maine Department of Corrections to first-time, non-violent juvenile offenders, the JumpStart program is now in its sixth year and has graduated more than 300 participants. Top of Page

Bangor Y Youth Development Program

The Bangor Y Youth Development Program is a comprised of two primary focus areas: One developmentally focused program that offers opportunities for children in grades four to 12 and into young adulthood, and a program to support and empower girls grades six to 12. The first program's curriculum recognizes peer relationships and community support, which are two important factors in fostering self-esteem and leadership development. The program also is designed to promote youth involvement through four different clubs. Each club is geared toward the specific developmental needs of the age group. Club members participate in activities that promote self-improvement, creative expression, communication skills, behavioral development and life-building skills. The second program focuses on offering teens healthy peer relations, meaningful roles in the community, and interaction with positive adult role models.  The goal is to teach girls the importance of education, the harzards of drug and alcohol experimentation, the value of friendship, and to help girls realize their own self-worth.

Bangor Y-Works

Y-Works is a before and after school program that currently serves 220 kindergarten through eighth graders. Quality care is provided 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. The program's goal is to provide safe, affordable, and accessib­le care that the children enjoy. The staff offers educational, recreational, cultural, and cooperative activities for all ages. Through positive social interaction with peers and staff, the program aims to help children exhibit responsible behavior and become productive community members. Top of Page

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Midcoast Maine

Community and Site Based Mentoring­

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Midcoast Maine promotes the healthy growth and development of children who are at significant risk of developing social, emotional, and behavioral problems. This is done by offering services to "at-risk" children, primarily from single-parent families, through school and community based programs in order to develop friendships. Top of Page

Broadreach Family & Community Services

Early Childhood Inclusive Program  (Literacy Volunteers of Waldo County)

The goals of the Early Childhood Inclusive Program are to prepare children to enter kindergarten with the skills they need to become successful readers and learners, provide children with developmentally appropriate early childhood care and education in safe and healthy settings, provide young children who have special needs with opportunities to grow and learn alongside their peers in rich individualized learning environments and provide Waldo County parents with information and support to nurture their young children's healthy development. Top of Page

Bucksport Area Childcare Center

School Readiness

The childcare program helps children make a smooth transition from preschool to elementary school. The center's collaboration with the town and its elementary schools supports the program's mission, which is "Communities continue to build a caring and encouraging environment for learning." The staff focuses on the best ways to prepare children for kindergarten and how to educate parents on what they can do at home to prepare their children. Early intervention services are provided for children with developmental delays. Bucksport Area Child Care Center believes that "all children, everyday, come to school ready to succeed." Top of Page

Charlotte White Center


Life Jackets is a county-based, youth development program with the goal of helping youth "at risk and promise" to break out of the high-risk cycle. Youth in the program, early adolescents aged 12-15, learn about themselves and others and about personal and social skills, by being part of a peer-helping and adventure-based group over a 12-month program module. Program activities include weekly peer-helping group meetings, problem-solving games and initiatives, outdoor experiences, community service and a wilderness expedition in northern Piscataquis County. By working together as a cooperative group, each group member (participants, peer helpers and adult leaders) learns to value and strengthen his or her own human "life jacket." Top of Page

Community Health and Counseling Services

Arts N Kids

Community Health and Counseling Services (CHCS) provides community health services which are needed by the communities we serve and are valued by their customers. CHCS is noted for the excellence of services they offer, the commitment to those they serve, and the dedication of their people. Top of Page

Downeast AIDS Network

School Prevention Program

Down East AIDS Network's first priority is to serve people who are HIV positive and their families. The Washington County office has made 33 contacts with clients, which is a challenging feat because clients are wary of coming into the office and being stigmatized in their communities. The program offers a bi-monthly support group for clients, and attendance at group sessions has increased. Top of Page

Down East Family YMCA


The Preschool program offers a warm, caring environment where children come first. It is committed to providing a learning experience for each child in preparation for early successes and school readiness, with an emphasis on working in partnership with parents. Children ages 4-5 participate Monday through Friday while their parents are at work. Top of Page

Downeast Health Services

Hancock County Children's Council

This program offers a life-like, computerized manikin that offers young adults the most realistic parenting education experience available. This program is an educational tool for middle and high school teachers, medical care providers, social workers and any other professionals who work with young adults. When the baby has been returned, the program coordinator is be able to tell if the baby has been mistreated and can talk with the young adult about how the caregiver treated the child. Top of Page

Eastern Area Agency on Aging

Community Services Information and Assistance

Community Services provide information, options, assistance and referral services to ensure people aged 60 and older are aware of the benefits and programs available to them. Benefits and services made available to older people can help them maintain independence, improve their well being, and continue their contribution to the community. Many senior citizens eligible or entitled to public benefit programs are simply not aware of the programs. Informed senior citizens will benefit from Community Services because it will change their quality of life. Top of Page

Matter of Balance - Falls Prevention Program

This falls prevention program helps seniors stay independent in their homes by preventing life altering falls. Matter of Balance classes include education on how to maintain a safe home environment, instruction on simple exercise that will increase muscle strength and instruction on ways to increase balance. Matter of Balance classes are held throughout the Eastern Area Agency on Aging's four county coverage area. Top of Page

EAA-Z Fix Program

EAAA has a minor home repair program for seniors called EAA-Z Fix It. The goal of this program is to help seniors remain in their own homes, safely, for as long as possible. This goal is achieved with a corps of "handyman" volunteers and participating businesses who provide materials at a reduced cost. For jobs that are too big for a volunteer to do, the client will have the option of being referred to a contractor who is participating in the EAA-Z Fix It program. A contractor's participation means that he or she has agreed to offer reduced rates to seniors. Top of Page

Meals for ME

Meals for ME delivers hot, nutritious meals to 41 dining rooms in Eastern Maine. Meals also are delivered to frail, homebound senior citizens who enjoy daily visits and companionship with volunteers. Caregivers benefit with the knowledge that their family members receive daily hot meals and visits. The program allows caregivers to focus on other tasks without worrying about their loved ones. Top of Page

Basic Training for Caregivers & Volunteers of Hancock County

Eastern Area Agency on Aging has been providing an array of services to caregivers since 1999. Unique in these offerings are home visit and outreach efforts, as well as managing respite services to help give caregivers who are caring for a family member with Alzheimer's a break. Not many caregivers are prepared for the incredible responsibility that this role presents. This is especially true with older males who may not have had a similar nurturing role in their lives before. Top of Page ­

Friends In Action

Community Connection Transportation & Ellsworth Senior Center

Friends in Action Community Connection serves the greater Ellsworth area in Hancock County, providing free services to the elderly and to people with disabilities that enable them to live independently and with a strong quality of life. The program recruits, trains and coordinates volunteers throughout the area who are matched with people who need help. Volunteers may provide a ride, a phone call, a friendly visit that also can provide a respite break for a caregiver, or help around the house. Top of Page

Families and Children Together

Maine Kids-Kin Program

Maine Kids-Kin provides services to family members who are raising relatives' children. Services include information, referrals, individualized case management, resources and support groups. FACT provides family-focused programs that encourage and foster the development and healing of children with emotional and behavioral challenges. Top of Page

Good Samaritan Agency

Childcare Center

The Childcare Program is licensed by the state of Maine to serve up to 49 children aged 6 weeks to five years. Priority for childcare is given to single parents and low-income families, with childcare offered to the general public as availability allows. The program makes a significant difference in the community by providing high quality, low-cost childcare for many families. Teenage parents are able to continue their education, and other parents are able to attend school or work. Top of Page

Single Parent Program

The Single Parent Program provides the most comprehensive array of services for single parents north of Waterville. Assistance with basic needs is provided through home-based visits and meeting with a caseworker at the agency's office. After determining the parent's needs, a number of resources are offered, including an alternative education program for pregnant and parenting teens, guest speakers on such topics as health, drug abuse, domestic violence and parenting, and counseling support. The Single Parent Program makes a significant difference in the community by helping to make parents more self-sufficient and better able to care for their children. Top of Page


Greater Old Town Communities That Care

Math Mentors and Literacy Leaders Program

Greater Old Town Communities That Care works to prevent substance abuse and other problem behaviors among youth by offering programs that have been proven to work. Our after-school program, Math Mentors and Literacy Leaders, offers 1:1 or 1:2 tutoring to youth in 6th through 8th grade in Old Town that are struggling with academics and exhibit a lack of commitment to school. University of Maine students meet with their tutees twice per week for one hour for at least five weeks. Through mentoring and fostering literacy and mathematics skills, the risk factors that lead to problem behaviors such as drug use, teen pregnancy, dropping out of school, delinquency, and violence have been lowered for hundreds of students over the past 6 years. Top of Page

KidCare America

Mentoring After-School Program

KidCare America (KCA) believes that every student needs a safe and enriching place to go after-school. With a rising divorce rate and parents needing to work full-time jobs to make ends meet, when the school bell rings hundreds of children in the greater Lincoln area are left vulnerable during the after-school hours. Along side this need is the faith-community, which possesses valuable untapped resources in volunteers and facilities that can be used to mentor students emotionally, academically, and spiritually. KidCare America mentors students after-school in a safe, educational, and structured environment by providing one-on-one homework help, individualized tutoring, character education opportunities, healthy snacks, and non-sport related recreation.Top of Page

Legal Services for the Elderly

Assuring Elderly Access to Long Term Care Project

It is Legal Services for the Elderly's (LSE) mission to provide free, high quality legal assistance to Maine's socially and economically needy elderly age 60 and over. LSE provides assistance to seniors when their basic human needs are at stake. This includes things like shelter, safety, health care and self-determination. There is no other organization in Maine that provides free legal assistance to the elderly in these situations. Top of Page

Literacy Volunteers of America - Bangor

Adult Literacy

The Basic Literacy and Language program encourages participants to improve their lives through enhanced literacy proficiency. The program is designed to help participants develop basic literacy and language skills. Students receive one-to-one instruction, support and experience a meaningful education they can apply to their own lives. Literacy skills are key to finding a job that pays well enough to support a family, improve the children's development at home and school, and integrate successfully into the community. Top of Page

Literacy Volunteers of America - Waldo County (Broadreach)

News Skills, New Life

Students achieve the literacy skills they need to reach their full potential and improved their economic status. The ultimate goal is for Literacy Volunteers to help students in Waldo County achieve their dreams. Accomplishments include a 45-year-old firefighter in Belfast opening his first checking account, a 26-year-old woman in Searsport who has lost her job, starts her own home-based animal care business and increases her income, and a 35-year-old Belmont man starts writing his life story and moves closer to his goal of attending college. Top of Page

Maine Mental Health Connections

Together Place Social Club

The greater Bangor area has a larger-than-average per capita number of mentally ill people. This situation is directly related to Bangor's role as a regional hub for northern Maine's mental health services. Many people with severe and persistent mental illnesses live in isolation, loneliness and poverty. These people need a place to go where they can meet friends, find nutritious low-cost meals, and find a sense of belonging and support. Together Place Social Club offers stability and independence for members within the community - a place they can call their own. Top of Page

My Friend's Place

Memory Loss Day Program

The mission of My Friend's Place is to provide elderly adults who are struggling with memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, arthritis, frailty, social isolation or the after-effects of stroke a safe, supportive and friendly environment that offers life-enriching social and recreational activities and caregiver respite. The program is a licensed, social adult day program designed to offer participants positive and fun activities based on daily themes that give both physical activity and mental stimulation. Trained and sensitive staff and volunteers give care in a supportive setting. The program has served as many as 37 participants and their families, some for a few months and others for several years. Top of Page

New Hope For Women

Waldo County Outreach

New Hope for Women provides services in Lincoln, Knox and Waldo counties to battered women, their children and all people affected by domestic and dating violence. The organization's commitment is divided equally between direct service and prevention services. The Waldo County Outreach Program has services available to every one in Waldo County affected by domestic or dating violence, whether they are the victim, abuser, family, friend, neighbor or concerned community member. The program includes: a 24-hour crisis intervention hotline; a weekly support group; a batterer intervention program; an emergency shelter; court advocacy and legal information; outreach to the schools; and community education and training. It is the only organization in Waldo County providing such services. All services are free, except for the batterer's program. Top of Page


The Game Loft

In rural Maine there is a high incidence of social isolation and a lack of opportunity for some youth to engage in activities designed to promote Positive Youth Development. The Game Loft seeks to correct this problem. The most important part of the program is that young people choose to spend their time at the Game Loft for several hours per week over a period of years. As youth spend time at The Game Loft they move to more advancement in their games, and take on more of a leadership role. It is a program that can teach self-awareness, self-management skills, social awareness, social responsibility, and decision-making skills. Top of Page

Old Town/Orono YMCA

Daycare Program

Childcare is a vital service for families that need a safe, healthy place for their children while parents are at school or work. Children need programs that help prepare them to enter school ready to learn and succeed and that assist their social and educational skill development. The Day Care Program offers a full-day, year-long program of stimulating learning experiences in a caring environment. Children ages 2 1/2 to 5 can take part in activities that enhance their development and help them learn new skills and behaviors. The children learn positive life and safety habits; basic educational concepts, such as numbers, letters, shapes, colors; how to follow instructions; and how to function in a school setting. Other fun activities include music, science, swimming, gymnastics, field trips, holiday parties and family events. Top of Page

After School Adventure and Mentor Program

This program provides after-school care for children in kindergarten through eighth grade, is a vital community service for families that need a safe healthy place for their children from school to dinner time. Children are provided with a safe environment and encouraged to develop healthy peer relationships through activities and play. The program provides youth the opportunity to participate in organized activities, sports, and computer time and to receive homework assistance, with an emphasis on leadership and social skill development. Trained staff work closely with parents and provide caring role models for the children. Through the program, children and youth increase their social and educational skills and learn personal responsibility. Top of Page

Parents are Teachers Too

Parents are Teachers Too

Progents Are Teachers Too is a home-visiting program offering information and support to first-time parents of all ages and income levels in Hancock County. The program begins during pregnancy or shortly after the baby's birth. P.A.T.T. is based on two beliefs: 1. The first years of life provide the foundation for all future experiences and 2. Parents are the most important teachers their children will ever have. Top of Page


Foster Grandparent Program

Foster Grandparent Program allows people age 60 and over who are low income to volunteer 15-40 hours a week in schools, daycare centers, Head Start centers, hospitals and other sites to work with at-risk youth. It enables seniors to get out of their homes and give back to the community that which they have most -- love and experience. They receive a small stipend for volunteering. The program also helps at-risk children build social and academic skills and experience the love and understanding only a grandparent can give. Top of Page

Health Services

Penquis provides health services to assist individuals and families who are working to reduce ­or eliminate poverty in their lives. Through partnerships, Penquis engages the community in addressing economic and social needs. Top of Page

Law Program

Penquis Law Project provides civil legal assistance to low-income clients who have experienced domestic violence. Clients are usually in crisis. Often a divorce or separation from their abuser is both a physically dangerous and an emotional time for them. Victims and their families receive legal assistance and referrals to domestic projects for safety and self-sufficiency. Top of Page

Penquis Family Self-Sufficiency

The Family Enrichment Services Department mission is to promote physical and emotional health through support, education and appropriate linkages in order that each individual and family reaches optimal social, emotional and financial wellness and self-sufficiency.
Top of Page

Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

Penquis RSVP seeks partnerships with a variety of organizations in Knox, Lincoln and Waldo Counties in order to offer volunteer positions that suit many needs and interests. RSVP volunteers can choose the amount of time they wish to give, how and where they wish to serve and whether to draw on their current skills or develop new ones. RSVP Volunteers are currently making a difference in their communities by serving in libraries, schools, hospitals, museums, youth programs and more. Top of Page

Rape Response Services (Penquis)

School Based Prevention Education Program

This is a comprehensive prevention program which uses age-appropriate classroom activities to educate students on such topics as the harmful effects of bullying and sexual harass­ment, about safe and unsafe touch and consent, the myths of sexual violence, and how to help someone affected by sexual violence. Activities include small group discussions, videos, stories, role-plays and hand-outs. By the end of a presentation, usually a class period in length, students know how to help themselves or to get help for others. They are encouraged to take personal responsibility and to make good choices in relation to their peers and others. Top of Page


Safe Place Food Pantry

The Backpack Program

The Safe Place Food Pantry supplements the food resources for people in Corinth, Charleston, Exeter, Levant, Bradford, Hudson, Garland, and Kenduskeag.  No person is turned away.

Shaw House

Day Program and Basic Center

Shaw House provides the highest quality of youth-focused services and programs designed to prevent and alleviate problems with at-risk groups. Shaw House provides a daytime drop-in center for homeless youth to receive important and needed services seven days a week. Program services include access to necessities, such as food, clothing, showers and medical care; crisis intervention; needs assessment; counseling, referral and linkage to other services; and follow-up. Each child has an individual development plan that is reviewed weekly. Wherever possible, the child will be returned to safe family, if appropriate or other community supports as quickly as possible. Program participants are encouraged to explore their own assets and resources and to set goals and develop an action plan to improve their living, educational and employment circumstances. Top of Page

Youth Emergency Shelter

Shaw House provides the highest quality of youth-focused services and programs designed to prevent and alleviate problems with at-risk groups. Shaw House provides the only emergency shelter for homeless, runaway, or street children in the Bangor area. Shaw House offers young people ages 10-17 a warm place to sleep at night. The shelter is a low-barrier, 16-bed facility that also provides hot showers, food, clothing, supervision and support.

Shaw House Streetlight Outreach Program

Shaw House provides the highest quality of youth-focused services and programs designed to prevent and alleviate problems with at-risk groups. Streetlight Outreach connects with runaway, homeless and at-risk children and youth on the streets and on their turf. The program provides them with the support, information, basic-needs assistance and tools to lessen the trauma of street life and to move them toward a healthy life style and a positive future. The outreach van, supplied with food, clothing, personal hygiene items, first aid and safe sex supplies, travels to sites frequented by stree­t youth. Outreach workers offer Shaw House services and community programs and resources to these vulnerable young people in both municipal and rural areas. Top of Page

Shaw House School Project

The Shaw House School Project reaches out to homeless and at-risk youth between the ages of 14 and 21 years old. Many come from dysfunctional backgrounds and unhealthy lifestyles. Some struggle daily with substance abuse, mental health, and above all, poverty. Many homeless youth have grown up with "Learned Helplessness", or believing that they have no control over the outcome of their life; only being products of a society that would rather ignore them. These students are high school age dropouts who have not had their educational needs met by a traditional public school. Top of Page



Spruce Run Association

24 Hour Hotline

Spruce Run is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to serving people affected by domestic abuse and to working to end personal, institutional, and cultural violence. Spruce Run offers a 24-hour crisis hotline available to all people affected by domestic abuse. The hotline connects callers to support, advocacy, safety planning, appropriate referrals and other agency services. Services are free and confidential, and they may be anonymous. Top of Page

Support and Education Groups

Spruce Run is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to serving people affected by domestic abuse and to working to end personal, institutional, and cultural violence. Ongoing peer support groups meeting weekly and time-limited education groups offered consecutively provide support, advocacy, safety planning and resource sharing in a safe, confidential environment. Participants, both children and women, are able to interact with both trained facilitators and their peers. Education topics include: dynamics of abuse; types and causes of abuse; coping skills; parenting; self-esteem; and finances. The groups create connection and break isolation while teaching about the dynamic of abuse and how to live a life free of violence. Top of Page

The Housing Foundation

The Sharing Place Childcare Center

The Sharing Place Childcare Center exists to provide stable, safe, healthy, affordable and high quality childcare for children. The center provides accessible childcare so parents can work and get the education or support services they need to move forward with their lives. The infant, toddler, and preschool programs prepare children for successful entry into the formal education system. The most important factor of the program is the ability to attract and retain permanent teachers with strong early education skills and commitment to caring for young children. The program believes that providing children with consistent care from a skilled caregiver is critical to successful cognitive and social development that occurs in the early years. Top of Page

The Next Step Domestic Violence Project

Individual Advocacy

The Next Step Domestic Violence Project is a private, nonprofit organization devoted to serving the needs of people affected by domestic violence through education and social change. Top of Page

Youth Education

The Next Step Domestic Violence Project is a private, nonprofit organization devoted to serving the needs of people affected by domestic violence through education and social change. Top of Page

UCP of Maine

Behavioral Supports

This program targets children between the ages of three to five years old and is designed for Head Start children who have behavioral and emotional diagnoses which hinder inclusion in mainstream Head Start child care and education. Child care is provided by a team of dedicated professionals who use functional behavior assessments (FBA) to teach children new skills, replacing negative behavior. Behavioral Supports offers two primary curricula: Creative Curriculum for pre-kindergarten; and Peacemaking Skills for Little Kids. Teachers and family support workers conduct home visitations and then provide intense, positive intervention in the daycare setting. The program integrates psychological and occupational therapy consultation. Top of Page

University of Maine Center on Aging

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

Senior Volunteers Responding to Community Needs. Seniors (55+) are invited to share their time, and a lifetime of talents cultivating and investing in their own community by becoming a Senior Volunteer. One participant even said it was "the highlight of her week". Top of Page

RSVP Bone Builders

This program uses weights and training materials for classes for older men and women who are at risk for osteoporosis, a bone-diminishing disease that afflicts 28 million Americans, mostly women whose estrogen levels drop after menopause. The use of light ankle weights helps to build muscle strength and bone mass in older people whose muscles and bone strength begin to weaken and diminish as they age. Research has shown that weight training is one of the most effective ways to combat osteoporosis. Top of Page

University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Senior Companion Program

The Senior Companion Program (SCP) provides opportunities for low-income people at least 60 years old to volunteer. Senior Companion volunteers provide companionship and support to homebound seniors in order to reduce loneliness and isolation and to facilitate independent living. These friendly visitors serve a minimum of 15 hours and visit four to six clients each week. They help homebound elders to remain independent by providing transportation to grocery stores, pharmacies and medical appointments and by helping with such tasks as meal preparation. Volunteers also may provide respite care, which offers relief to caregivers. UMCE manages the program, which serves 13 of Maine's 16 counties. Most Senior Companions serve in Washington, Hancock, and Penobscot counties. Top of Page Top of Page

Washington Hancock Community Agency

Helping Hands Garage

The mission of the Washington Hancock Community Agency is to promote self-sufficiency by helping income-eligible people obtain essential services. The Helping Hands Garage (HHG) is dedicated to helping income eligible people buy vehicles that provide transportati­on to work for them and their families at a reasonable cost and finance rate. Our primary goals are to enable people with low incomes to develop good credit histories so they will qualify for loans from mainstream lenders, and to provide them safe, affordable transportation so they can commute to work and access medical services. Financial classes and coaching are a key part of this program and its work. Top of Page

Friendship Cottage

Friendship Cottage helps seniors age in place by providing caregiver support and helps them live active lives by providing opportunities for meeting others, engaging in physical activity and going on outings within the community. Caregivers increase self-sufficiency through access to resources that relieve their caregiver role and allow them time for employment and other community obligations. Top of Page



Wellspring, Inc.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Wellspring is a non-profit agency located in Bangor that has been treating substance abuse for more than 35 years. The agency's goal is to assist through counseling individuals and families suffering from alcohol and drug abuse to change their behaviors, become self-sufficient and reintegrate into their community. Clients must be involved in every state of treatment in order to take ownership of the treatment plan and to follow through for their lifetime. Services include non-residential assessment, diagnosis and treatment, as well as general education about substance abuse and related issues, such as criminal and risk-taking behaviors. The services also are available to families of substance abusers, regardless of whether the abuser is receiving treatment. Top of Page

Womancare/Aegis Association

School Based Services & Prevention

Womancare is dedicated to promoting healthy relationships and supporting youth. A socially active, community-based organization promotes healthy decision-making and fosters opportunities for youth to get involved in eradicating violence from local communities. Its goal is to create a culture where violence no longer is acceptable and victims receive the support they need to become safe and healthy. The agency serves five school districts, affording the opportunity to do intensive training and education with students and faculty. Top of Page


GiveAdvocate Volunteer Live United Improving Health Improving Education Improving Income

Did you know?

United Way partners with the Creating Assets, $avings and Hope (CA$H) coalition to provide free tax assistance and financial resources to individuals in Eastern Maine. More than 2,800 low and moderate income individuals have received free tax preparation and financial resource support. The work of the coalition has brought more than $2 million in refund monies to Eastern Maine. Read more.

Watch the Live United TV Spot generously donated by WLBZ2:

Live United Television Spot generously donated by WLBZ2.